A Better Life Only in Pictures

The spouses Oljača from Vukovar live on 960 kuna of welfare a month. They spend 400 kuna a month on medicine. Both being in poor health, this is still not enough for all the necessary medicine. “The biggest problem is Andol against blood clotting. I don’t have the money to buy it, so I sometimes borrow it from my husband, but then he skips his dose,” says Ivana Oljača

Karlovac ulica

No Serbs in the Streets of Karlovac

Despite the great contributions of Serbs to Karlovac and Croatia, only Nikola Tesla, Dr. Gajo Petrović and Petar Preradović have public areas named after them in the city on four rivers

Aleksa Paunović

Aleksa Paunović – the Man Who Built Vukovar

The story of the wealthiest Serb in Vukovar, who found himself at a fair in Šabac as a boy, after which his life was never the same again. He built and bought an estate so large that he became the richest Vukovar citizen after Count Eltz