The Multicultural Capital and Irresistible Charm of the Fiumani

Rijeka, a multicultural city on the Adriatic coast, is much more than a sum of collectivities. In a city with 22 ethnic communities and statistically the largest number of mixed marriages in Croatia, after the many trials and facing complicated historical issues, its ordinary citizens decided simply to be – Rijeka citizens

Dalmatian region in his heart and lens

He started by filming and photographing his hometown near Kistanje in Dalmatia for himself. And today, Milorad has thousands of followers and millions of video views on his YouTube channel. In those videos, by means of pictures and words, he portrays the natural beauty of his homeland and the daily life of the few remaining people. So that, as he puts it, the memory of the origin and heritage would not fade.

Balkan Genes, or How Similar We Are

When the Slavs migrated to the Balkans, they did not replace the local population. Rather, the indigenous Balkan genome and the genome of the Slavic migrants mixed, according to the latest research on the genetic origins of the Balkan peoples. The genetic differences between the Serbs, Croats, Bosnians and Montenegrins are practically nonexistent, scientists say

Belgrade’s Marble Signposts of Prečani Serbs

Many Prečani Serbs dedicated or even gave their lives for ideas, for art, for freedom, for their people. Today, their bones are scattered throughout the 30 hectares of the New Cemetery – in the Alley of the Greats, the Alley of Distinguished Citizens, old plots with artists, scientists, warriors…