Aleksandra Kolaković: Serbs in the Region and Diaspora are the First Image of Serbia

In the past and today, individuals have been that important link in cultural diplomacy. Scientists, artists and writers communicate in a specific way and have been, consciously or not, actors of cultural diplomacy. I will mention Nikola Tesla and Milutin Milanković, whose “stars” still have their brilliance, perhaps even more important for questions of identity, culture and politics today than in the past.

Riblja čorba

Riblja čorba again in Croatia

Croatia Records announced the reissue of the album “Večeras vas zabavljaju muzičari koji piju” (eng. Tonight You Will Be Entertained by Musicians Who Drink) by the group Riblja čorba

Dalmatian region in his heart and lens

He started by filming and photographing his hometown near Kistanje in Dalmatia for himself. And today, Milorad has thousands of followers and millions of video views on his YouTube channel. In those videos, by means of pictures and words, he portrays the natural beauty of his homeland and the daily life of the few remaining people. So that, as he puts it, the memory of the origin and heritage would not fade.