Davor Špišić
03.09.2019., Osijek - Osjecanin Davor Spisic visestruki je dobitnik Nagrade Marin Drzic. Nedavno je izdao novi roman pod naslovom Koser."nPhoto: Dubravka Petric/PIXSELL

Davor Špišić: We Must Have Time for the Downtrodden of the World

“Politics in our Balkan backwaters is a flaccid endlessness without escape, and the patterns keep repeating. That creates problems and errors in the imagination of us writers, for I cannot possibly invent characters like those that appear as the leaders of our nonexistent countries”
16.08.2021., Rijeka - Setaci i turisti na Korzu. rPhoto: Goran Kovacic/PIXSELL

The Multicultural Capital and Irresistible Charm of the Fiumani

Rijeka, a multicultural city on the Adriatic coast, is much more than a sum of collectivities. In a city with 22 ethnic communities and statistically the largest number of mixed marriages in Croatia, after the many trials and facing complicated historical issues, its ordinary citizens decided simply to be – Rijeka citizens
Beogradska nadbiskupija
Foto: Milos Tesic/ATAImages/PIXSELL

Catholics in Serbia – Strength Is in Togetherness, Not in Geography

What is life like for Catholics in Serbia among the Orthodox majority? Citizens of Subotica of the Catholic faith say that their whole region is authentically multicultural and that Catholic and Orthodox believers attend each other’s church holidays, spend time together and respect each other